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The Sad Sacks

The Feedback

"Contrary to their name sake The Sad Sacks are bags of fun!  These three masterful minstrels brought something a little different to our taproom and they connected with our patrons who too look for original and a bit different.  The Sad Sacks filled our venue with amazing warmth of sound and attracted fresh faces we hadn't seen in our taproom before."

Kame & Kettle Beer Works, Fonthill

"These guys are brilliant.  They bring a wide range of interesting songs and they always fill my pub.  There's a strong feeling of community and fun when The Sad Sacks come to my establishment.  In my opinion, they are one of the best bands in the city."

Jimmy Kennedy, Owner, Tartan Toorie, Hamilton

"… a sad sack so unlucky in love that when his girlfriend splits, his family sides with her"
- Rand Richards Cooper