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About The Sad Sacks

The Sad Sacks are a professional(ish) live performance band with over 30 years experience in the Hamilton, Niagara and Toronto areas.

Buzz About The Band

The Guys

A bespectacled man standing behind a microphone and playing a Richenbaker guitar.

Paul Asselin

If you tell Paul "you can't do it", he will quickly set out to prove you right.  No one has ever told him "you can't play guitar and sometimes bass with 2 of your best friends, singing primarily sad songs or even happy songs that you have turned into sad ones and get away with it".  And that's exactly what he's been doing for over 30 years.  And he'll keep doing it too, along with his other passion of crying over spilt milk, until someone tells him he can't.

Bass & Lead Guitar

A close-up low angle image of a man playing an acoustic guitar

Billy Hughey

Restless and fidgety by nature, Billy hops between instruments to keep himself busy.  Though he likes to take life in jig time — likely due to his folk and Celtic music background — he rarely does so with these guys.  They do give him the opportunity to play his guitars and bouzouki though, to indulge his restless tap-tapping in a musically productive way now (on a djembe), and to still blow an occasional harmonica.  And, he has kept singing with Paul and Albert after all these years.  Who needs jig time?

Rhythm Guitar, Bouzouki, Djembe

A bearded man standing with a bango strapped over his chest.

Albert Pasqua

Albert started as a bass player in college in hopes it would bring him closer to the ladies.  It didn't.  So he moved on to the guitar but he was immediately drawn to the acoustic, finger-style, and folk worlds — it didn't.  What instrument could he play that would draw the ladies in?  Of course, the banjo!  He's not even a banjo player, he just plays a banjo.  So, he took one more crack at it – yep, the ukulele!  Oh boy!

Acoustic Guitar, Banjo, & Ukulele

"… a sad sack so unlucky in love that when his girlfriend splits, his family sides with her"
- Rand Richards Cooper